Monday, 24 February 2014



A short story

Ex-London band member Gaines is down on his luck, broke and labelled a loser by his former partner.

Then comes a moment of enlightenment. A way to make easy money. A chance to claw his way out of the hole. For it to work he needs a partner in crime. He turns to Blanche. Blanche operates on the wrong side of the law: she steals from department stores and is rumoured to drug and rob businessmen in hotel rooms.

The plan is to fleece a high-class prostitute and her clients.

Part one - subduing the hooker and her maid - goes without a hitch. Gaines and Blanche are in control of the Mayfair flat. Next, Blanche takes over the maid's role, leading punters into a carefully laid trap. Soon tied and gagged bodies are strewn across the bedroom floor. The swag bag is bulging. Gaines, broke for so long, cannot resist pocketing more than his agreed share when his partner's back is turned.

Blanche is suspicious and she's not the type to let him get away with it. No way. But first a more serious problem needs their attention. The hooker's irate Albanian pimp is on the phone firing questions and issuing threats.

Time to vanish - but before Gaines and Blanche can get away the pimp and his armed minder are at the door...

The ending will send a chill down your spine.

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