Monday, 30 December 2013

Hemingway Quest

Two obsessions: one shares his home, the other draws him to Cuba.

Kyle, a London bookseller, has women problems. There's Mallika, his flirtatious, married Asian flatmate, and Janice his ex - now a bitter, emotional wreck. Kyle's Hemingway obsession draws him to Cuba. There he encounters a shocking truth about his own family, and enjoys a fling with a troubled tourist. After her partner falls to his death, Kyle is stunned to find himself suspected of murder.

Shaken, he arrives home where Mallika now treats him as a low-caste pariah. Is she serious or playing another of her teasing games?

Following a business meeting with an American entrepreneur, Kyle's future looks bright. But trouble is brewing. Mallika receives unwelcome attention from within her family - a man who holds a grudge against Kyle. Janice, too, is out for revenge.

Allegations and blood flow as, once again, Kyle fights to clear his name. 

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