Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Writer's Thoughts

Greetings everyone!

Up and running at last. Phew!

A brief intro: In the past I took some heavy punches from agents and publishers (haven't we all?) - but never thought of quitting. After a quiet 2012, during which I did some rewrites and gave and received critiques on Authonomy, I'm expecting things to happen this year.

  • My short story A Night at the River was longlisted at the Chapter One International Short Story Competition, 2011. Tranquillity Publishing took it for their anthology titled Tales of Tremendous Tragicide which came out this month in both print and Amazon Kindle. Can't wait to receive my copy! The story has been accepted by a new magazine in London. It's owner/editor called it Compelling and beautifully written ... (No, I'm not making this up! :) More on this later.

  • Klipspringer Hill A small snake undertakes a perilous journey through the Kalahari in search of his missing dad. It's aimed at the 7+ age group. After a valuable critique from a literary consultant, changes were made and it's ready to go out to agents.
  • The Pink Pigeon - about a 9 year-old Asian girl's holiday adventures in Mauritius. 
         Hemingway Quest - a mainstream adult novel largely set in Cuba.

         Perfect Killing is a crime novel with an IRA theme.

         Zambezi Seduction is a romance novel - no prize for guessing where the action happens!

 If all goes according to plan, this group will be self-published on Amazon Kindle this year.

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